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In this business, life is one long fund-raising effort - Alvin Ailey

The COVID-19 Pandemic is going to hit the company hard financially. With the suspension of our upcoming concerts and season, we are going to be entering a phase of rebuilding to recover from the loss of revenue not gathered by these shows. Fundraising efforts will be tenacious to say the least. Every arts organization big and small will all be in the same life raft trying to stay afloat. Do we have fears, yes, but we also have hope and drive to keep soldiering forward! We will need you to help in the efforts to rebuild, recover, and rejuvenate Davis Dance. 

Davis Contemporary Dance Company (Davis Dance) has been formed for charitable purposes with the intent of furthering dance education and the art of concert dance. Specifically, we have formed a multi-cultural performing dance company organized as a nonprofit corporation in Colorado. Since we are a registred 501 (c) 3, all personal and corporate donations made to Davis Dance are 100% tax ductible.


You can personally open up your heart to support the company by donating to help support our educational and operational needs. Please check out our current online fundraiser, "Supporting Great Dance In Denver." It's a quick, easy, and no hassle way that you can donate to Davis Contemporary Dance Company. Click on the button below and check it out. Thanking you in adavance for your support. 

The Beauty and Power of Davis Dance is simply Amazing!

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